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about spiderman downloading flash file

:: Dear Our Friends & Customers ::
If you need to get new flash file or new pinout for your phone, please, never ask support persons to send you new pinout or new flash file via e-mail, ICQ, Sonork, etc.
Please, go to support area and download required files.

We have explained many times already but can explain again

There is an easy answer: all flash files and pinouts that we have we already uploaded in support area !
We upload new flash files in support area 1-2 days after we have received from somebody, we try to make it so fast as possible and we have absolutely no reason to send any files via e-mail or any other way to somebody because everybody can download all files from support area easily.

If you want to get files that don't exist in support area:
you can ask other forum members to upload new files somewhere
you can ask this kind of questions in public Spider-Man Box support forum:
In this case if somebody has files that not exist in support area he can send these files to you or to support persons via e-mail also we can upload required files in Spider-man Box support area for public use.

Please, let's respect each other, let's save your and our time !

Some Info Helping Us To Give You Correct Flash Files :::

1. detailed description of model: brand name, model name, complete text from phone back label, any other marks that you can find on phone cover
2. phone CPU chip name
3. attach phone photo
4. attach phone bottom connector photo
5. include information about TX and Rx Found With Spider Man Box

Finely Read Read This Threads It Can Help You Before Post :::

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★★★ Spacial Upload Area For Spider-Man Users★★★




Thanks for understanding and cooperation ..


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