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Nokia 6303 solve the problem of mic jumper ways track

The following is a solution to the Nokia 6303 does not work the problem of the microphone. Solution paths below the line and the components of the circuit the microphone on the Nokia 6303 Classic.

The Nokia 6303 Classic uses a 5 – pin digital DIGIMIC microphne or, simply refer to the following solution quickly to determine the chlorine.
The solution above shows the tracks line voltage conenction mic, MICdata hour mic, sound and ground pins for easy identification and conduct the necessary tests. You can start tracing all the paths of communication, and verification of all the resistors 100 ohms, replace the digital microphone
for more detail and new tips and tricks about this problem keep visiting this page we will update it timely with new diagrams.some related post are also given bellow you can read them also for more information.

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