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N70 White Screen Hang Solution (Old but Tested)

Hi to all,

N70 white screen, hang and flash light on solution, old but tested yesterday on 2 handsets. Do not try to flash with Skip Ape. Just check voltages at p1 and p2 it should be somewhere around 0.25 to 0.75, remove ape regulator and smps and jumper as shown (already posted by someone..)

Thanks to orignal solution poster


വഴികാട്ടി said...

my N70 gets white screen hang ang i fix it by removing thses ICs and add jumpers

yesterday it fall again and get the same problom.but while i hold like twist firmly, the phone working
what will do

pls advice


thanks for ur comment. now u should just replace these 2 parts.then post ur result.we are waiting to see ur success.

Anonymous said...

i will try it but if i remove ape and smps will the phone work.


no dear.with this 2 parts ur set not after remove u should make jumper must

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