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Blackberry 8520 error app 523 done by bbsak v1.3

2 kind error 523 ? when open it.. it will reboot.. then error 523 reboot again error 523 then logo only 523 ... always rebooting problem

easy solution for this kind of error 523 using BBsak ver 1.3 connect blackberry use compatible usb cable make sure you have a install blackberry desktop manager for autoditect the unit then for bb driver porpuse .

BB 8520 error 523 Demo

BBSak ver 1.3 solution for this factory reset

video procedure how to use BBSak ver 1.3 BB factory reset

After factory reset wait until wiping is finish.

BBsak ver 1.3 here

Original solution click me

hope it works.


Flash Labels by Harish