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Two Excellent Tools to Transfer Files from iPhone 4 to PC

Many iPhone 4 users must have met trouble like this: you saved some documents to your iPhone 4, later on you want to save some space for new files but not want to delete the front ones, how do you deal with them***65311;Many people would transfer them to PC, but with what do you do that***65311;
Here are two excellent transfers to help you solve this question.
The first one is iPhone 4 Transfer

This tool is the best iPhone 4 transfer, and allows you to transfer files not only between iPhone 4 and PC, but also between iPhone 4 and other Apple products like iPod, iPad and iTunes.
It is specially designed for iPhone 4 users, and has a powerful list of functions. You can backup files (including iPhone 4 music, video, images, TV shows, podcast, iTunes U, eBooks, Camera Roll, Ringtone, SMS, Contacts, Voice memos, Camera shot) to computer, and transfer files to iPhone 4 from PC. Furthermore, it permits users to export iPhone ringtone and share music or movies and photos with friends.
Besides, this wonderful transfer can help you convert videos to iPhone 4 compatible formats as it has strong compatibility, so you can convert BD movies, videos and audios to iPhone 4, and transfer them directly. It can recognize your iPhone 4 and show its type, capacity, version, and serial number.
More interestingly, you can make your own ringtones as you like. Do you want to set you own voice as the ringtone or you maybe want to record your lover’s singing, just do it! It is very interesting, isn’t it?

The other one is iPhone 4 to PC Transfer, it is as wonderful as the front one. Users are permitted to transfer anything with it, such as music, movie, pictures, TV shows, iTunes U and so on. The same to iPhone 4 Transfer, this tool also has powerful compatibility to support iPhone, iPhone 4, white iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2 and the newest iOS 4.3 as well as all iPod versions.

You can master it easily, and it helps you backup iPhone 4 SMS, Contacts, and Call List on your iPhone to the local disc.

Each transfer of the two above can help you solve trouble with your iPhone 4. And you can free download either for trail.


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