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Trick bypass RF by BONNE 2700c,5130,5310,7210s

Trick bypass RF by BONNE 2700c,5130,5310,7210s

By pass RF 2700c5130, 5220,5310,7210 s. .. and the like, because its source in the RF clock itself, so from type 2 hp which I mentioned above we do not get find a name osc vctcxo as in Hp N70 distinguished clearly visible form klo its viewed by the eye, does not mean its not there vctcxo osc osc vctcxo but to do it together already embedded inside the RF Ic.

The way its looking ngakalin osc component vctcxo (38.4Mhz) in hp bb5, eg, its 6630, N70 ,..... its kind.

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