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Ti-phone T67 Auto On 100% solved

Ti-phone T67 Auto On 100% solved

Among the cases that often occur in china mobile phone is one more case Auto_On. namely the case of hp who live alone, although not push pwr on. If analyzed this case is actually due to the conditions that regulators often experience stress disorder included in the received command tangan2 user.

But in this case, in fact we can still analyze and carrying out executions by replacing it with another or with the way cool off and plug it again. Special in this issue, we've just solved the execution as above on the Ti-phone T67 with the virus Auto_on.

Try to analyze pict below:


1. Lift / unplug the old regulator and chill about 15 minutes, then put back.

2. If after the execution of the above done but does not work, try to lift or replace the diodes that exist around it.


1-Regulator = sters often caused because some TEG vbat coming to him.

2-Diode = powerkey pathway, is also often have neurological disorders (sters )

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