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new nokia 1202-3/1661 keypad solution

today i receive a 1202 nokia phone which is keypad problem.
in keypad, back / 3 / 6 and ** key not working.
i change keypad ic but problem not solved.
then i reboll UPP. still same problem.
finally i change UPP but bad luck problem not solved.
then i check the keypad track and i found my phone fault.
and i use this method to repair this line.

now my phone is ok.

keypad have 2 way line
1-out line.
see pic

in out line
menu/left/*/0/** same line

up/4/5/6/7 same line

back/send/down/8 same line

right/1/2/3/9 same line

if outer line is damages some keypad not work.
example if phone */0/** key not work but menu and left work.
then try this pic

2-middle line
see pic

in middle line
up/menu/down/9 same line

left/right/send/7 same line

back/3/6/** same line

1/4/* same line

2/5/8/0 same line

if phone middle line is damages then try this
example this middle line work in back/3/6/** key

you can make this

mostly this problem found in water damages phones.

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