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Samsung GT-B7510 Hard-reset

Samsung GT-B7510 Too many patterm attempts! done by Hard-reset


*turn off the unit
*then press (T/3) in the keyboard and Power button or follow the Picture

*if you see the recovery mode Use The “Volume Key” To Scroll Down & Select “wipe data/factory reset”.

*“wipe data/factory reset”.

*Press The “Home Key” To Proceed To The Next Confirmation Step.

*Use The “Volume Key” Again To Scroll Down 7 Times & Select “Yes — delete all user data”.

*Press The “Home Key” To Perform Hard Reset. After 2 Or 3 Seconds It Will Show Data wipe Complete.

*All User Data Will Be Removed And The Device Will Be Restored To Manufacture Default.

*Press The “Home Key” To Reboot System Now.

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