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LG GW300 (Restart-Done) Successfully Flashing Done With GSMULTI V3.0

LG GW300 (Restart-Done) Successfully Flashing Done With GSMULTI V3.0

NOTE - If After Install Usb Driver Auto disconnect To pc . you Can Solved This Way

Here Gide About Flashing .
GIDE-flashing on USB-GIDE
1. Install GSMULti V30
2. Connect phone to usb cable without battery, Windows will ask for driver, show driver from C:\GSMULTI\UsbDrivers\MTK.
3. Open USBMap from C:\GSMULTI, select MTK and click MAPPING START, reconnect the phone to usb cable without battery. Some info will show on PORT/KEYNAME, now SAVE & EXIT.
4. Open GSMulti main software, go to Setting(s) > Configuration, select DLL and firmware on S/W box, select USB as communication then click OK. Now click START on main window, when the software says Wait Phone Connecting.. reconnect the cable. If flashing not start without battery just put the battery and slightly press power button.

!!!---Flowing The Screenshot One By One---!!!

Usb Save Screenshot

Driver Install Done

GSMULTI Setting Screenshot

Flash Starting Screenshot

Flash done Screenshot

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